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Episode 046: All About Food Sensitivities w/ Erin Peisach

In this tasty episode, I interview Erin Peisach. Not only is Erin a registered dietitian nutritionist and a certified LEAP therapist, she is also my new business partner. Today, Erin is going to talk about her own experiences with food sensitivities, how she helps her patients using the LEAP protocol, and about our new business designed to help people understand and treat their own food sensitivities. Erin a very genuine and caring person who really is just focused on help other people feel better and I can’t wait for you to get to know her a little better.


Episode 045: The Wonderful World of Water w/ Arthur von Wiesenberger

In this tasty episode, I interview Arthur von Wiesenberger about his extensive knowledge, experience, and passion for bottled water. I would even venture to say he knows more about bottled water than anyone else on the planet!

This is one of my favorite episodes to date and that’s thanks in part to the incredibly interesting topics we discussed. Some of these topics include Arthur’s bottled water website, his water cellar, a $35 bottle of water that is almost more like a work of art, why all waters are not created equal, and the annual event he says some people refer to as “The Oscars of water.” After this episode, you’ll never think of water the same way again!  


Episode 044: Culinary Tour of South Korea & Japan w/ Cindy Silver


In this tasty episode, Cindy Silver from Market Basket Nutrition is back on the show to take us on a culinary tour of South Korea and Japan. For various reasons, Cindy and her family have been to South Korea and Japan four times over the past twenty-five years. Today, we talk about a variety of topics including having soup with every single meal (even breakfast!), how she makes her own anchovy broth, eating eels in the summertime, the preference for and preparation of kimchi, and so much more!


Episode 043: Apple Appreciation 101

Apple Appreciation 101

In this tasty episode, join Annette as she provides all the tools you need to appreciate an apple like a glass of fine wine and 10 quirky apple facts.


Episode 042: The Olive Oil Insider Episode

In this tasty episode, Annette discusses the American olive oil renaissance and the 3 secret flavors all really great olive oils need to have (hint, one of them is bitterness!)


Episode 041: Everything You Need To Know About Potatoes

In this tasty episode, I tell you EVERYTHING you need to know about potatoes (and more)!  Learn how to appreciate the world’s most underappreciated vegetable. Tune in to hear about potatoes surprisingly stellar nutrition, interesting history, deep dark secrets (how they can kill you) and tips for sensory appreciation. 


Episode 040: Rewiring Your Brain w/ Dr. Ski Chilton

In this tasty episode, I interview Dr. Ski Chilton, a professor in the department of physiology and pharmacology at Wake Forest School of Medicine, about his professional and humanitarian work. We specifically dive into his work with polyunsatured fatty acids and a few of his books, Inflammation Nation and the upcoming The Rewired Brain. Dr. Chilton aims to help people change their unconscious thoughts, essentially rewiring their brain, to help them achieve desired results; including sticking to a diet and exercise routine. After listening, I’m sure you’ll agree that Dr. Chilton is very fascinating! 


Episode 039: Is Your Food Making You Sick?!? w/ Jan Patenaude

In this tasty episode, I interview Registered Dietitian and Certified LEAP Therapist, Jan Patenaude. Jan specializes in the field of integrative nutrition and is one of the pioneers working with blood testing to identify and treat food sensitivities. She specifically works with a blood test called MRT®, or Mediator Release Testing. MRT® is a blood test that quantifies the inflammatory response to 150 different foods & food-chemicals. I know we’ve all heard a lot about gluten as causing ill effects for a lot of people but Jan shares a fascinating story about a patient who was deathly ill from an apple sensitivity!  Jan will also shed light on the difference between a food allergy, food intolerance, and food sensitivity. 


Episode 038: Agricultural Economics w/ Dr. Jayson Lusk

In this tasty episode, I interview Food and Agricultural Economist, Dr. Jayson Lusk. We talk about his controversial opinions of the local food movement that challenge a lot of popular assumptions. He also provides a unique perspective on soda tax, like the one recently passed in Philadelphia, and how the obesity epidemic can be to tied to economics. Jayson’s up-beat, but realistic, approach to these controversial topics is sure to be informative and entertaining.


Episode 037: Plant-Powered Nutrition w/ Sharon Palmer

In this tasty episode, I interview Sharon Palmer, the Plant-Powered Dietitian, about plant-based nutrition. Growing up in a primarily vegetarian household helped Sharon understand from a young age just how important plant-based nutrition is. She later attended a university where the entire campus was vegetarian and became an RDN. Today, we cover a wide variety of topics including just what plant-based nutrition is, how it differs from vegan or vegetarian diets, why plant-based foods are healthier than animal-based foods, vegan cheese, Sharon’s popular blog and recent book, and her cookbook recommendations.


Episode 036: The Truth about GMOs w/ Milton Stokes

In this tasty episode, I interview Milton Stokes, who is the Director of Global Health and Nutrition Outreach for Monsanto. He is also a Registered Dietitian Nutritionist and author of a new book titled Launching Your Dietetics Career. In this episode, Milton shares why he thinks big agricultural companies, such as Monsanto, have a bad reputation with the media and the public.  He also debunks many myths about GMO’s; including one I’ve heard regarding how GMOs are killing all the bees in this country. Milton also provides some out-of-box food related book recommendations that I know I’m excited to add to my summer reading list and I’m sure you will be as well.


Episode 035: Holistically Hot Transformation w/ Marissa Vicario

In this tasty episode, I interview Marissa Vicario. Marissa is an award winning, board certified integrative health and nutrition coach and women’s lifestyle expert. She is passionate about teaching women to trust themselves to make nutritious, slimming and energizing choices without fad dieting.  Marissa has been featured in the New York Times, Glamour magazine and The Dr. Oz Show.  I had a great time interviewing Marissa and we discussed some interesting topics like how to cook with chia seeds and why you should through your scale away, just to name a few.


Episode 034: Creating Delicious Bestovers w/ Judy Barbe

In this tasty episode, I interview Judy Barbe; an award winning registered dietitian nutritionist and the author of Your 6-Week Guide to Live Best, Simple Solutions for Fresh Food and Well-BeingI attended a presentation by Judy at a recent conference and was blown away by some of the information she provided; including how home cooks are responsible for 44% of the food waste here in the United States. Today we’re going to talk about this and some of her favorite regional delicacies, her passion for “repurposing” food into “bestovers”, her consulting company, and why the tagline of her business is “You must be present to win.”


Episode 033: Plenty of Fish in the Sea w/ Ray Hilborn

In this tasty episode, I interview Ray Hilborn, Professor in the School of Aquatic and Fishery Sciences at the University of Washington. When I heard Ray give a presentation at a conference recently I just knew I had to have him on the show to shed some light on the doom and gloom stories we frequently hear about unsustainable fisheries and the decline in the world stock. We also discuss why fishing is actually better for the environment than agriculture, his recommendations for inexpensive and tasty fish in the United States, the difference between farm-raised and wild fish, and much more!


Episode 032: RawSpiceBar w/ Rebecca Myers

In this tasty episode, I interview Rebecca Myers and she is a Co-Founder of RawSpiceBar. RawSpiceBar is a monthly subscription service that delivers freshly ground spices right to your door. We’ll discuss what the service includes, where the spices are sourced from, how she hopes to use spices to help people eat healthier, and much more. I’ve been using the service myself for a few months now and love it so I’m very excited to have Rebecca on the show. Her passion for spices is contagious and you’re sure to love her upbeat energy.


Episode 031: Professional Taste Testing w/ John Smythe

In this tasty episode, we’ll hear from John Smythe, MS, who is a Sensory Scientist; aka a Professional Taste Tester. His wealth of knowledge regarding food science would put Alton Brown to shame and he shares some of that knowledge with us today. We discuss the variety of exotic cuisine he’s tried from multiple countries around the world, his Master’s thesis about the perceptions of beer quality, his experience being a member of a descriptive panel for a winery, and the various ways he’s used his food science knowledge throughout his impressive career. Be sure that you stayed tuned until the end to hear favorite websites to buy wine and find new recipes.


Episode 030: Great Beer Adventure w/ Amanda Doughty

In this tasty episode, I speak with Maine resident Amanda Doughty from the Great Beer Adventure podcast which features local, and soon some not-so-local, breweries. With over 75 breweries in Maine alone, she’s got a lot to cover. While she does like to talk about beer, she’s really more interested in the stories behind the breweries, the brewers, and the beers. Amanda is also the mother of two young girls and uses her experience with overcoming multiple eating disorders to help ensure her daughters grow up having a healthy relationship with their body. Today she’s discussing all of this and much more!


Episode 029: Weight Loss Nation w/ Diane Daniels

 In this tasty episode, I have a truly wonderful chat with Diane Daniels. She is the host of the popular Medicare Nation podcast and the founder of the Weight Loss Nation program. This new paradigm in weight loss programming contains a podcast, ten mentors, daily virtual meetings and motivational text message, recipes, cooking videos, a private Facebook group, and more. Today we discuss that program, which I am honored and thrilled to be a part of, and her Medicare Nation podcast as well. There might even be a little sports talk thrown in. Diane’s personality is friendly and contagious so I’m certain you’ll enjoy this talk as much as I did. 


Episode 028: Letters to Food w/ Julie Duffy Dillon

In this tasty episode, I chat with Julie Duffy Dillon who is an award winning registered dietitian and food behavior expert with over 15 years of experience. Her recently launched Love, Food podcast is a hit and features a unique format where listeners email letters to food asking for advice and support with their food dilemmas. Julie considers herself to be an anti-diet zealot and focuses on helping those suffering from eating disorders. We also talk about her method of getting beach-body ready in a matter of minutes, why she considers eating and peeing to be the same thing, and the famous person she would most like to have dinner with.


Episode 027: Pearls of Nutrition w/ Marie Bieber

In this tasty episode, we hear from Marie Bieber who is a self-proclaimed nutrition genius, and “all around dweeb.” Her nutritional philosophy centers around real foods that taste good and she believes butter, salt, and garlic can bring about world peace. Marie also uses her education in Psychology to help those with eating disorders by working with the Non-Profit, The Healing Connection. She is also the co-host of the Nutrition Genius Radio podcast with previous guest from episode 025, Laura Ligos. Today we talk about all these topics and much more! 


Episode 026: Mind Body Nutrition w/ Marc David

In this tasty episode, we talk with Marc David; who is the founder and primary teacher of the Institute for the Psychology of Eating. Not only does he have experience with clinical nutrition, eating psychology, and coaching but he is also a bestselling author. His book, The Slow Down Diet, just celebrated its 10th Anniversary. We discuss a wide variety of topics including “the perfect diet,” his thoughts on people who claim overeating is a will power issue, the science behind his philosophy and teachings, why counting calories doesn’t work, and his own podcast. With almost 300,000 followers on Facebook, it’s pretty clear people like what Marc has to say and I think you will as well.


Episode 025: The Sassy Dietitian w/ Laura Ligos

Laura Ligos - The Sassy Dietitian

This week’s guest is Laura Ligos and she is known as The Sassy Dietitian. She is also a well-known food blogger and Registered Dietitian who focuses on “real food nutrition in a fast food world.” Being a CrossFit athlete means she doesn’t have time to deal with heartburn, allergies, or asthma; which is why it’s a good thing she cured herself of all those ailments using a whole food diet approach. She’s also recently begun working with InsideTracker.com to help provide more people with personalized nutrition recommendations based on biomarkers in their blood. In this tasty episode, we talk about all of these topics and more. She also has an InsideTracker discount code exclusively for listeners of the Food Sommelier Podcast.


Episode 024: Market Basket Nutrition for Kids w/ Cindy Silver

Market Basket Nutrition for Kids with Cindy Silver

Today’s guest is Cindy Silver, a nationally renowned supermarket dietitian. You may recognize Cindy as this is her second time on the show. Our last conversation in Episode 10 was so great I invited Cindy back to go into more detail. This time we’re specifically talking about grocery shopping for, and with, kids. As a mother of two young children myself, this is a topic I can relate to and Cindy’s tips have certainly given me more than a few things to try out. We also talk about her Mediterranean Style Nutritional Skills Boot Camp and her related upcoming e-book so you’ll want to be sure to stay tuned until the end. 

“Keeping them involved is the way to get through the store, I think, with smiles on everyone’s faces.” – Cindy


Episode 023: Nutrition Matters w/ Paige Smathers

Nutrition Matters w/ Paige Smathers

This week’s guest is no stranger to the exciting world of podcasts. Registered Dietitian Nutritionist, Paige Smathers, is the host of the Nutrition Matters Podcast and an expert in the area of mindful and intuitive eating. She focuses on creating and fostering a healthy relationship with food and helps both recovering addicts and those suffering from various types of eating disorders. She is also the author of her very own cookbook and a freelance writer for MyFitnessPal. Lastly, and perhaps most importantly, Paige is a mother to young daughters and is using her education and experience to help them develop a healthy relationship with food that they’ll carry with them well into adulthood. 


Episode 022: A Farmer’s Daughter Dishes on Produce w/ Amy Myrdal Miller

Amy Myrdal Miller isn’t just a farmer’s daughter. She’s an award-winning dietitian/nutritionist, the founder and president of a consulting company, and has even worked for the CIA. The Culinary Institute of America, that is. She likely knows more about walnuts, pineapples, and beans than 99.9% of the population and, not only does she have a collection of over 300 cookbooks, she is the co-author of The Healthy Heart Cookbook for Dummies. Amy may or may not also be part of a “secret society.” In today’s episode, talk about all of these topics and more. 


Episode 021: Guilt Free Good Nutrition w/ Melissa Joy Dobbins

Melissa Joy Dobbins Interview

Today’s guest is the well-known Registered Dietitian, Melissa Joy Dobbins. She is also known as The Guilt-Free RD and is a mother of two who has managed to find the time to appear in over 200 television interviews and has been featured in The Wall Street Journal, The Washington Post, Shape, and O Magazine, just to name a few. In fact, her list of accomplishments is so impressive she was named Outstanding Dietitian for the entire state of Illinois!  In our chat today Melissa talks about what led to her becoming a dietitian, how she became so involved with the media, her philosophy as a Diabetes Educator, her secret for weight management, and her very own podcast. 


Episode 020: Better Nutrition Simplified w/ Ashley Koff

Today’s guest is Ashley Koff, the international renowned registered dietitian who has over 40,000 followers on Twitter! And it’s no surprise so many people are hanging onto her every word because her insight into what makes nutrition better for everyone is definitely going to change your perspective on what it means to eat well and live healthy. We all suffer from what Ashley calls “nutrition whiplash”, this back-and-forth between the hottest diets and the newest powerfoods. But how can you find the one diet that’s right for you? And the one that still tastes good? Ashley breaks down the 4 principles of her Better Nutrition Simplified Program and teaches you how to align them with how your body works and digests food. Only by focusing on your lifestyle, your body, and your health goals will you uncover what makes for your better nutrition. 


Episode 019: Healthy Dining Review – Lighter Fare @ Applebee’s

In this tasty episode, Annette and her sidekick Gail critique the flavor and nutritional content of 4 Lighter Fare options at Applebee’s Neighborhood Bar and Grill. Listen here to find out what you should be ordering (or in this case, what to stay away from)! All healthy dining reviews are comprised of 3 segments: 1) restaurant background 2) eating experience and 3) nutrition evaluation. 


Episode 018: Tasty Careers in Food Science w/ guest Marianne Gillette

Never thought you could get a degree in taste tasting or ice cream creation? Think again! I’ve invited Marianne Gillette to talk about how you can develop a career in taste tasting, beer making, even ice cream creation. A career in food science is a lot more in depth than you think, and with positions across industry and agriculture in high demand, you really have your pick when it comes to starting a career. Marianne breaks down the opportunities that are available, which universities offer the best programs, and even the kind of salary you can expect once you graduate. As a fellow sensory scientist, Marianne and I used to work together at McCormick & Co, so I trust her opinion when it comes to developing a career in the food and nutrition sciences. She and I are both aware of the challenges nutritionists and food scientist’s face trying to develop healthy food that still taste great, and I am so excited to have her on the show today so we can share our educational and professional experiences with you! 


Episode 017: Food as Medicine w/ guest Amanda Archibald

One of my favorite quotes is over two thousand years old. Hippocrates said “Let food be thy medicine and let medicine be thy food”. Food as medicine is more than just eating healthy, it’s about understanding your unique genetic makeup and how your diet influences things like inflammation, weight, and overall health and wellness. My guest today is so passionate about food as medicine that she created an entire program to help foodies like us breakdown our genetic blueprint for nutrition. Amanda Archibald is the owner of Field to Plate, a dietary program that focuses on nutrition and food appreciation to build healthy diets. She understands all the different forces at play that influence diet and health. Culture, genetics, and even your location on this planet will all influence how you manage your weight, your wellness, and your health. On today’s episode, Amanda breaks down her dietary niche and discusses her theories on inflammation and disease that can help you better understand your body and its dietary needs. Also included is a great recipe for a kale salad that will totally blow your mind! 


Episode 016: Guest Monica Reinagel: Sifting through Science & Silliness

Monica Rienagel, The Food Sommelier Podcast, Episode 016

In this tasty episode, I interview Monica Reinagel, The Nutrition Diva. Join us as we sift through the science and the silliness, separate food fact from food fiction, and offer an unique spin on the art of eating well.


Episode 015: Weighing in on Weight Watchers w/ guest Katie Karcher Lyman

Today we’re talking with my good friend Katie Karcher Lyman about Weight Watchers. If you’re thinking about losing weight, then look no further than this episode for motivation!


Episode 014: Save $ and the Planet with Imperfect Produce w/ guest Evan Hazelett

Imperfect Produce tackles one of America’s biggest sources of food waste: the farm, where 20% of fresh fruits and vegetables are thrown away because of minor cosmetic deficiencies. 


Episode 013: Leafy Green Vegetable Appreciation

Tune in to learn how to appreciate leafy green vegetables and start describing your next salad as deliciously as you describe your favorite glass of red wine!


Episode 012: Healthy Dining Review – Skinnylicious® at The Cheesecake Factory

In this tasty episode, Annette and her sidekick Gail critique the flavor and nutritional content of 4 Skinnylicious® options at The Cheesecake Factory. Listen here to find out what you should be ordering! All healthy dining reviews are comprised of 3 segments: 1) restaurant background 2) eating experience and 3) nutrition evaluation. 


Episode 011: Diet Cults with Matt Fitzgerald

You never thought the word “cult” could be applied to the nutrition world, but my guest today wrote an entire book on the subject! Matt Fitzgerald’s ‘Diet Cults’ is one of my favorite books as it takes a critical look at all of the different types of diets buzzing around us today, and it helps us – as readers – understand all of the different elements that influence our own nutrition and health. Matt comes on my show today as a sports nutritionist and an endurance athlete who’s seen first hand how these trendy diet cults can make or break even the healthiest of us. 


Episode 010: What’s In Your Grocery Bag?

Today on the Food Sommelier podcast guest Cindy Silver talks about her career as a Registered Dietitian and supermarket tour guide. Cindy began her career after absolutely falling in love with the subject of nutrition. She has spent eighteen years in nutrition education and loves sharing her knowledge and experience.  Her services include traditional dietary consultation, fun group presentations (such as cooking classes), professional consulting, and grocery store tours. She was the first dietitian to offer the service in her local supermarket and has seen it grow into a regular service found in many supermarkets. In this episode, Cindy shares healthy advice, holiday food choices and cost effective foods to try in the grocery store. 


Episode 009: Fundamentals of Food Appreciation

There are many ways in which we humans appreciate food and there is a wide range of differences among us in how we perceive what we put into our mouths – – I refer to this as our unique sensory realities.  I’d like to explore these concepts today with you to serve as a backdrop for much of what gets discussed here on The Food Sommelier podcast.  


Episode 008: All About Cinnamon

Discover the taste of good health this holiday season without feeling deprived.  In this episode, The Food Sommelier will teach you everything you wanted to know about Cinnamon and more! Learn:

  • Where does cinnamon come from & the different types available
  • How you can describe the taste of cinnamon
  • Which types are best used for what purpose
  • A historical perspective on cinnamon
  • Some healthy benefits and watch-outs


Episode 007: Top 10 Tips for a Healthy Holiday

Discover the taste of good health this holiday season without feeling deprived.  In this episode, The Food Sommelier will teach you 10 key strategies to combat holiday weight gain, bloating, and sluggishness.  Feel great, be in control and ENJOY the season!   Learn how to:  

  • Become a food SNOB – some holiday treats are not worth eating!
  • Avoid common holiday mental traps!
  • Gain clarity on what’s really important this holiday season! 


Episode 006: Healthy Dining Review – Lighter Choices @ Chili’s Grill & Bar

In this tasty episode, Annette and her sidekick Gail critique the flavor and nutritional content of the “Lighter choices” lunch options on the Chili’s Lighter Choices menu.  All healthy dining reviews are comprised of 3 segments: 1) restaurant background 2) eating experience and 3) nutrition evaluation. 


Episode 005: Healthy (and Tasty) Advice from Nutrition Professor Robin Tucker-Falconer

If you didn’t think taste testing was a science, think again! Sensory science is extremely important to the study of nutrition and public health, and my guest today is a professor at Bowling Green State University who is currently involved in numerous research projects investigating the role taste has on our food choice and our dietary needs. Dr. Robin Tucker is an Assistant Professor of Public & Allied Health, and I brought her on today not only to talk about her research, but also to tell you how you can start a career in nutrition. Whatever your interests, nutrition is such a wide field that you can be sure to find a realm of health and wellness that speaks to you.


Episode 004: An Insider’s View of the Dietary Guidelines for Americans with Dr. Cheryl Anderson

An Insider’s View of the Dietary Guidelines for Americans with Dr. Cheryl Anderson.  In this healthy episode, I talk with Dr. Cheryl Anderson about the new Dietary Guidelines for Americans that will be published later this year. These guidelines help citizens like us keep tabs on our portion control, weight gain, and healthy living. And Cheryl is on the air today to tell us how these guidelines are developed and how she was chosen to help create these guidelines for the United States.


Episode 003: Inside the Political World of Food Labeling with Lauren Swann, MS, RDN

In this episode of The Food Sommelier Podcast, I chat with Registered Dietitian Lauren Swann about pitfalls and politics around food labels and ingredient statements.


Episode 002: Healthy Dining Review – Lighter Italian Fare Lunch @ The Olive Garden

In this tasty episode, Annette and her sidekick Gail critique the flavor and nutritional content of the “Lighter Italian Fare” lunch options on the Olive Garden lunch menu.  All healthy dining reviews are comprised of 3 segments: 1) restaurant background 2) eating experience and 3) nutrition evaluation. 


Episode 001: Tasty talk about Mangoes, Spinach and Dog Food ?!? with Dr. Edgar Chambers

Tasty talk about Mangoes, Spinach and Dog Food with Dr. Edgar Chambers, Distinguished Professor and Director of the Sensory Analysis Center at Kansas State University. 


Episode 000: Introducing the Food Sommelier Podcast

In this introductory episode, Annette Hottenstein (aka the Food Sommelier) will discuss what to expect from the Food Sommelier Podcast. Learn who the Food Sommelier is and check out the highlights of this brief introduction.