The five senses act as gatekeepers of our bodies:  the benefits of healthy food will be gained only if our senses accept it. 

Annette can help you leverage principles of sensory evaluation and nutrition to strengthen your brand and attract new customers. She has worked with chefs, food vendors, marketers, food scientists, brand managers, nutritionists, researchers and chief executives in this arena during her 15 years as a senior sensory scientist in the food industry.  Her work is published in journals such as Appetite, Food Quality and Preference and the Journal of Sensory Studies.

Sensory evaluation is the scientific measure of foods and beverages based on sensory characteristics as perceived by the five senses. Much academic, clinical and scientific research in the field of nutrition involves the use of one or more sensory science methodologies.

Annette can help your organization leverage sensory science for these purposes and more:

  • Optimize the formulation of healthy/functional food products
  • Measure taste acuity in a clinical testing
  • Choose the best sensory methodology for research projects
  • Develop & evaluate nutrition education materials & programs
  • Measure taste preferences in relation to dietary patterns or demographic factors
  • Increase food service sales by conducting targeted research on customer preferences and menu descriptions
  • Develop sensory specific terminology and ‘tasting wheel’ to promote and market your product or commodity
  • Recipe development and testing (taste panels, product development, etc.)

In addition, Annette can assess your existing sensory program, develop new tools and new capabilities, or can help you establish a new program from the ground up.

Who can benefit from Annette’s consulting services?

  • Food and beverage industries
  • Restaurant and food service organizations
  • Academic and clinical researchers
  • Trade associations
  • Non-profits

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Here’s what people are saying about Annette’s consulting services:

Annette Hottenstein is well known to me as a food and sensory scientist extraordinaire. At the Tia Sophia Institute we are most grateful to have had the opportunity to work with Annette on a number of projects in association with the McCormick Science Institute. She was our main contact and technical consultant for a collaborative clinical study in which she devised and arranged for the preparation of all test solutions and placebos. Annette also provided two sessions of sensory training for myself and my student interns. I believe Annette Hottenstein to have advanced levels of knowledge and professionalism in her field and great love for her work. I wish her well in her new endeavor, and I’m happy to offer my strongest endorsement of her services.”

– Andrew Pengelly, Ph.D., Herbal Dispensary Director, Maryland University of Integrative Health

“It has been my great pleasure working with Annette for the past 4 years. She is passionate about nutrition, extremely professional and highly resourceful. Annette knows how to “get things done” in a corporate environment. I give her an A+ for quality of work and customer service.”

Guy H. Johnson, Ph.D., Principal, Johnson Nutrition Solutions, LLC & Executive Director, McCormick Science Institute

“Working with Annette Hottenstein and Sensational Sustenance is a truly wonderful experience. You can expect reliable, expert service delivered with enthusiasm and pride. Every aspect of our project was executed with professionalism, timeliness, and courtesy; and exceeded my expectations. I was impressed with the attention to detail and high level of organization and efficiency provided. I highly recommend Sensational Sustenance for all your nutrition and sensory needs”.

– Cheryl Anderson, PhD, San Diego, CA